“TILT -7 Solutions To Be A Guilt Free Working Mom” Book Launch

Ever feel like you’re just running on a hamster wheel that never stops? The elusive quest for balance and then at the end of it all you’re just exhausted. That’s why I started The Zen Mom in the first place, … Continue reading

Zen Tips: How Shopping Can Help Keep You Organized-5 Tips You Need To Know


How many of you love the back to school sales?  I wait all year for the yearly Nordstrom sale and then I stock up and replenish! I have even invented a legitimate reason go to the sales- it’s called, “I … Continue reading

The Zen Secret To Optimal Health: The 3 B’s


What’s the secret to optimal health? Here’s an easy formula to get you & keep you on track. It’s the three “B” way to keep you performing at your very best from both the inside and outside. So, what are … Continue reading

Giveaway: “Style Suite” Event Featuring Hansen’s Soda


Style Suite was an amazing fashion event hosted by Momtrends and Savvy Sassy Moms during Blogher.   Dozens of fabulous influential bloggers gathered in the Penthouse at The London Hotel NYC. Check out the view! Everyone had a chance to … Continue reading

Monday Motivator: The Secret To Success-Plant Your Seeds!


  I went to the Count Me In Urban Rebound conference on Friday.  I met some amazing entrepreneurs with vision, passion and drive.  I have a lot of insights to share, but today I wanted to focus on the opening … Continue reading

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