“TILT -7 Solutions To Be A Guilt Free Working Mom” Book Launch

Ever feel like you’re just running on a hamster wheel that never stops? The elusive quest for balance and then at the end of it all you’re just exhausted. That’s why I started The Zen Mom in the first place, … Continue reading

Book Review: “The Charge”-Activating The 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive


Do you ever feel stuck? I’m usually pretty motivated, but I have been feeling a bit blah lately. While I have everything I need and I’m not unhappy, why do I not feel as energetic and alive as often as … Continue reading

Book Preview: Mama Never Told Me…..


This gallery contains 2 photos.

What is it about pregnancy and motherhood that makes people say whatever they want or feel like they have to give you advice?   If you made a list of every inappropriate or random silly comment you heard you it … Continue reading

Mom Incorporated: A Guide to Business and Baby


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Before I had kids I based my business decisions on what was good for my career, now that I’m a mom, there’s a lot more to consider.  What is good for my kids? My family? Navigating the career waters while … Continue reading

Go The F*** To Sleep!- A New Children's Book?


This book hasn”t even been published yet, and it”s already climbed the list. Crazy!  So it either cracks you up or your mouth just dropped open in shock! You may hate to admit it, but this title pretty much sums … Continue reading

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