Tired Of Feeling Tired?-5 Zen Tips To Get You Energized And Reconnected To Your Life


I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately.  Not as energized and motivated to get things done, I still manage to fit a lot in, but it never seems like enough.  Are you tired of being tired?  I know this is … Continue reading

3 Tips and Action Steps To Motivate Your Child


Do you find yourself battling with an unmotivated child?  Now that the school year is under way, lazy summer days have been replaced by early mornings, long hours of school, and afternoons filled with sports and homework. Some kids welcome … Continue reading

Zen Tips: Six Steps To A Zen Office


Why does it seem that your home office collects the most clutter?  You can’t find a thing when you need it? And it becomes a dumping ground for the all sorts of mail, kids homework and notes, art projects, cords … Continue reading

8 Zen Tips to Take The Stress Out Of Back To School


My son officially starts Kindergarten tomorrow!  He’s ready, I’m ready.  Will I cry?  Not sure.  It will definitely be emotional.   It’s like in that one moment as you say good bye, all the memories flashback.   Everyone says how … Continue reading

Zen Tips: Shower Decorating Tips


I was super excited for my one of my best friend’s bridal shower this weekend.  For the last few years it’s been about me. First I got engaged, then married, then one baby and another baby.  She was my maid … Continue reading

Zen Tips: Ready, Set, Go: How To Plan For A Summer Vacation


Vacations are supposed to be fun, but getting ready for them can sometimes be a bit stressful, unless you’re prepared. This summer we are doing something totally different  we’re going road tripping in an RV! With 2 kids under 5, … Continue reading

Zen Tips: 5 Steps To An Organized Closet


Being organized keeps me zen, but it isn’t always easy.  That’s why I’m super excited to introduce you to Professional Organizer Kristin Borostyan with Straighten Up.  Kristin will be sharing her tips on The Zen Mom to get you organized … Continue reading

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About Kristin

Kristin Borostyan is a former school counselor turned professional organizer and created Straighten Up because she loves recreating the feeling you had on the first day of school when everything was organized and the possibilities were endless. Kristin believes that people who are highly organized achieve great success in life and she works with them to uncover their best method of organization for the greatest success. She is the mother of two teenaged girls. www.straightenupwithkristin.com

Mindful Eating: 5 Tips To A More Zen Diet


As we start of 2013, eating better is always on people’s minds, but what about more subtle changes like not only changing what you eat, but how you eat it.  As a mom, when’s the last time you actually at … Continue reading

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About Stacy McCarthy

Creator of Busy Mom Yoga and Author of Transformational Teaching Through Yoga Adjustments. Stacy teaches personal transformation and yoga worldwide. Her methods address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. She has taught tens of thousands of students and trained several hundred teachers. You can access her work on SpiroFit as well as her DVDs and Trainings. www.yoganamastcy.com.

Happy New Year Again!: Zen Tips To Avoid New Year Stress


Happy New Year!  Well I know it’s already the 7th, but to me I feel like 2013 just started today.  It’s probably because the the kids just went back to school today and now I feel a little bit more … Continue reading

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