Mother-Daughter Yoga- 3 Zen Poses You Can Do At Home


Have you caught up from the back to school rush yet?  I’m definitely looking forward to a yoga class and some “zen” time.  But did you know yoga can also be a bonding time for you and your children?  TZM … Continue reading

Building Self-Esteem: 5 Ways To Find Your Daughter’s Spark


6 in 10 girls stop doing what they love because of their looks. But imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. A few weeks ago I was at the Mom 2.0 Summit where Dove launched … Continue reading

Six Ways To Build A Positive Self Esteem In Your Daughter


My daughter is only 3 and I see the way she admires princesses.  While I think it’s more about liking the dresses, on a deeper level I worry about the “princess thing” and try to teach her other important values. … Continue reading

The Importance of Managing Our Feelings For Kids and Parents


I’m Angry!  I’m Tired!  I’m Happy!  Are your kids able to express and manage their emotions?  Are you?  Or does it come out in other ways?   Parenting experts say a critical part of a child’s development  is learning to … Continue reading

The Zen Mom TV: Our 1st Spreecast-Where Zen Meets Fab!


“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!”  Will Rogers I’ve been wanting to do a Spreecast for months.  It’s like having your own live talk show and all your viewers can … Continue reading

Silver Spoon Baby Planners Event and Your Natural Baby Fair


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     If you’re an expecting or new mom in So Cal there are 2 upcoming events you won’t want to miss.  The Silver Spoon Baby Planners Event in Orange County this Friday, April 23rd and Your Natural Baby Fair … Continue reading

10 Things First Time Moms Need To Know


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Now that my kids are about 2 and 4, I look back at the early days of motherhood with memories that range from loving priceless moments to how l did I make it through all that?   I have several … Continue reading

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