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The Zen Mom is about Wisdom Inspiration and Laughter.  We are dedicated to keeping parents informed, inspired and share things that make people’s live easier and more zen. 

Topics include Pregnancy, Parenting, Inspiration, Healthy Living and Recipes, Beauty, Entrepreneurship, Work/Life Balance, Media, Blogging,  Travel, and Food.

Include In Your Submission:

-A full blog post with TITLE and a word count between 250-800 words.    (Lists are good-Top 5 Tips For…., Inspirational or Informative Interviews,Healthy Recipes, etc.)

– Images/Photos for your post with links to original source if you do not own the image rights.

-A headshot or photo of you and a bio with a list of any links to your site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Zen Mom is great resource and can help promote you and your brand.

-We do not compensate contributors for blog posts at this time, BUT we do include a brief bio containing links to your website and social media outlets.

-Once your post is published we will promote on our social media networks and share with our networks. Please share with your friends and networks as well.

-As a contributor there may also be opportunities to cover fun events or write reviews.

– If you become a regular contributor you will be featured on our contributor page.

We prefer not to accept posts that have already been published online. Our posts provide informative and inspiring content.  We are NOT interested in SEO focused blog posts.  If your goal is to link up keywords in an effort to boost SEO (search engine optimization) or if your blog post or bio references/promotes a business or service that is not reflective our our philosophy- then your submission will not be accepted. Thank you and look forward to reading your post.

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