Zenspiration-Holiday Traditions-#My Kind Of Holiday


Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? Holidays here we come! Do you have any special traditions? We’re all looking for unique and personal ways to make the season our own. In fact, Target recently asked me, “What makes my kind of holiday?”

I’ve always enjoyed celebrating this time of year, but now with kids it’s even more meaningful. The last few years I’ve been in the baby/toddler zone and have been more overwhelmed with to do’s than truly appreciating. But my kids are growing up and now it’s more about creating special memories. This time of year means more than just decorating, food and presents. While I love a festive house, eating and gifts, I’m trying not to get caught up in all the craziness and keep it simple. For me it’s about appreciating what we have, giving, and realizing what is truly important. Here’s a video of us getting ready for #MyKindofHoliday. 🙂 WHAT’S YOUR KIND OF HOLIDAY?


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