Tired Of Feeling Tired?-5 Zen Tips To Get You Energized And Reconnected To Your Life


I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately.  Not as energized and motivated to get things done, I still manage to fit a lot in, but it never seems like enough.  Are you tired of being tired?  I know this is a trap many of us get in.    This week’s post from Kristin Borostyan reminded me to just pause and take time to appreciate our daily gifts and enjoy the present, even if our to do list is nagging away at us.  We all have our moments, but what really matters is knowing you are having those  “unzen” moments and figure out a way to get back on track.  Her tips aren’t just motivational, but filled with small simple actions that can help you be more productive and energized. Here’s to a beautiful week!


5 Zen Tips To Get You Energized And Reconnected To Your Life

I was talking to very busy mom who was rushing to finish her workout before she picked the kids up from school and she was saying that her life was series of small blurs every day.  She felt like she was always running from one thing to the next and not enjoying each moment for what they were because she was busy planning for the next one.  She felt like she was living in a gray fog.  Sound familiar?

I pondered this for a little while and thought about women being the greatest multi taskers on earth.  But do we really want that?   Research says that multi-tasking hinders our ability to do any one thing well.   When we are not fully engaged in a task it can take 25% longer to complete.  I don’t know about you but I don’t need to lose that kind of time in my day.  When we don’t give our kids, spouse or co-worker the time they deserve, we miss key information and lose their trust because they don’t think we are listening or care.

What is a busy mom to do?  How do we wash the gray away in favor of a brightly colored rainbow?

  1. Manage your time with precision.  Set a finite amount of time to complete your tasks each day. Whether at work or with your personal matters put a time limit on how long you will do any given task and give it your full attention during that time.  It will make you more productive and it will take you less time to complete it.  Yeah!  Everyone wants more time and this little shift in how you manage your day can add  up to 3-4 hours of free time a week.

  1. Take frequent breaks to rejuvenate.  We all have projects that demand a lot of our time but if you take short breaks to nourish yourself with good food, fresh air, a brisk walk, a cup of tea or a quick chat you will come back to the task refreshed and ready to work.   Your brain needs a break and so does your body.  Try this several times a day and notice how razor focused you become and how quickly you get it done.

  1. Prioritize your day by doing the thing you like the least first thing in the morning.  Set your timer and get it crossed off your list so the rest of your day can be uplifting.

  1. Be present and focused.   When you are doing something with your child or spouse tune out everything else.  Turn off the TV, don’t answer the phone, stop obsessing about the laundry, the dishes or the dog food you forgot to pick up.  Be present and listen, play or interact with your child or spouse, really engage in the moment and notice how they react to your attention.  There is nothing more rewarding than feeling a true connection to the ones we love and that happens only when we give our full attention to someone.  Once you are finished you can send your spouse out to pick up the dog food, feed the dog some leftovers and do the dishes.

  2. Take several mini vacations and at least one long vacation each year and really unplug.  No work, email or other stressors that can take you away from enjoying the time with your family or friends.   Take time to rejuvenate, relax and de-compress.  Your brain will thank you and your family will thank you.  The research is clear on this; when you take time away from your routine to “play” your body will feel healthier, your mind will be clearer and more focused and you will increase your productivity when you return home.

Learn to chunk out your time to get tasks completed, be present when it really counts and find ways to invigorate your spirit will allow you to enjoy all the colors in the rainbow!  Gray fog be gone for good!

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