The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook: Live Video Chat With Kathy Strahs!



You may have a panini press or countertop grill, but if you’re like me most of the time it collects dust in the cabinet.  When I do use it, I like it because it’s fast and easy, but most of the time I’m not sure exactly what to do with it.

That’s why I’m super excited about “The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook” by my friend Kathy Strahs.   The book has more than 200 recipes with mouthwatering photos, and it’s not just about sandwiches.  Imagine making everything from salads to ice cream cones on a panini press. Yum! It even goes through all the basics from choosing the right grill, tools and ingredients.  Kathy is the founder of the popular food blog Panini Happy and she not only wrote the book, created and tested the recipes, but took all the photographs as well- all while juggling raising two preschoolers.

How did she make this all happen and what tips can you learn from her in the kitchen?

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You can find out on Monday, October 21 (Noon Pacific / 1 PM Mountain / 2 PM Central / 3 PM Eastern) Join us for a LIVE online video event next  –reserve your space!

We’ll talk about:

-How Panini Happy all started…from MBA to food blogger

-What it was like to write and photograph The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook…while maintaining a family and two blogs

-Tips for making amazing paninis…and anything else you want to grill on the panini press

-YOUR questions…she will answer them live during the event!

RSVP for the chat and Booktalk Nation will send you the easy instructions to view it live. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase signed copies of The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook through the registration website.

Check out the live interview here:


Join us!

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