Mother-Daughter Yoga- 3 Zen Poses You Can Do At Home


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.25.22 AMHave you caught up from the back to school rush yet?  I’m definitely looking forward to a yoga class and some “zen” time.  But did you know yoga can also be a bonding time for you and your children?  TZM Contributor Erica Rood is a yoga instructor, life coach for girls and mom.  Her workshops are filled with more than just yoga, but here are few of her fun and purposeful poses that you and your child can try at home.

Row Your Boat Pose

Start seated facing each other. Bring your hands and feet together and lean back. Balance on your sits-bones. Test your flexibility by straightening your legs and row your boat!

Off the mat: Use boat pose as a springboard into a discussion about how life will bring forth challenges that may make you feel unstable and it’s during those times, when we need to reach out for support from each other.

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Super Side Plank

Start facing each other in a plank or modified plank (like the top of a push-up, with knees up or knees down to modify.) Rock to the edge of your right foot and root down through your right hand. Slide your left leg on top of right and reach for each other’s left hand.  Notice- if you feel the pose is easy and you are stable, try to life your top leg. If you are feeling unstable, take your right knee down for extra support.  

Off the mat: Use this pose to launch a discussion about the importance of maintaining balance in life. Talk about how to discover when it’s appropriate to add an extra challenge or activity to your life and when you should back off and reach out for support.

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Breathe and Twist

Sit back-to-back in a comfortable cross-legged position. Take a big belly-breath in and reach your arms up. As you breath out, turn and twist to the right. Reach around for each other’s knees.

Off the mat: Twist are great for detoxing the body and a perfect opportunity to start a discussion about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re in the San Diego area, Erica has 2 Mother-Daughter Yoga Series coming up.

Both are 4-week Self Esteem Building Series. The series at Yoga Six in 4S Ranch begins September 7th from 2:30-4:00PM and the series at Envision Personalized Health in Mission Valley starts Sunday September 8th from 2:00-3:30.

I love that Erica is empowering young girls and their moms and giving them  a chance to bond and grow in a fun environment.

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