Summer Flashback: Juice Cleanses 101 and Review



Fruits and Vegetables

Are your kids back in school yet?  My oldest starts Kindergarten next week and I’m trying to savor the last few days of summer break.  How was your summer?  This summer I traveled a lot and tried to get organized and refreshed, but still didn’t manage to get everything off my list.  Does that ever really happen? Anyways, one of things I did manage to fit in is a juice cleanse after my vacation overindulgence.   This is my 4th cleanse in the last few years and it really helps get me back on track to more healthy eating.   Many of my friends have asked me about what juice cleansing is all about and which ones I like.  If you’re interested here’s a wrap up of my juicing journey.  From juicing myself to buying it online.   Enjoy.

Buying A Juice Cleanse vs. Juicing It Yourself

Ritual Cleanse Review

Detox Lounge Cleanse Review

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