Summer Flashback: Meditation and Motherhood


imageThe summer is just zooming by. If you’ve been a reader for a while you know I love sharing things that make life easier-more fun and more zen.  Looking back I have a lot of great content in the archives you may not have seen. So for the next few weeks I wanted to go on a Summer Flashback and share some of the most popular TZM posts that will help you have a more zen summer before school starts again.

This week I wanted to share more about meditation with you.  Oprah and Deepak just started another Free 21 day meditation challenge.-Miraculous Relationships.  It’s already a week into it, but you can still register.  I have a few friends that have been asking me about meditation.  While I haven’t been consistent with it this summer-this challenge always helps me get back on track. I wanted to share a few posts if you’ve been curious about meditation.  What is it and how do you fit it into your life, especially as a mom.  Here’s to more zen.

Finding Stillness: Meditation and Motherhood

Review: Primordial Sound Meditation




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