5 Ways To Bond With Your Child This Summer


IMG_5042By Erica Rood, M.A. Ed.

With school stresses out of the way, the summer months provide a perfect opportunity for moms to enhance the bond with their children.  Check out these ideas for how to make summer a time of bonding and fun!

  1. Try something new together.  Summer is a time of activity and there are so many creative offerings where ever you live.  Here in San Diego, I like to rent kayaks, learn how to stand-up paddle board, go rollerblading along the Bay, stroll through a local Farmer’s Market, visit the seals in La Jolla, or  but there are fun free community events in every city. Anything that you’ve never done before.  You and your child may discover a shared passion!

  2. Share a summer journal.  Spend time decorating the cover with pictures of your favorite things and inspirational words or quotes.   Use the journal to write personal notes back and forth.  You can write about your hopes, dreams, and fears.  Your journal entries do not need to be limited to just writing, get creative! You can draw pictures with captions, cut out images or articles from magazines. Be consistent. Make it special and make it fun.

  3. Do something for the community. Look for ways you and your child can give back. Clean out the closets and make a donation to the Salvation Army, write cards to children in the hospital, or donate your time to help a local charity. With a simple Google search or look at your “Liked” Causes on Facebook, you will find a ton of ways to get involved and give back to your community.

  4. Plant something together and watch it bloom. Watching a flower or vegetable grow from a seed or small plant into something strong and beautiful can be thrilling for you both.  It also teaches some important lessons about patience, love, and care. Some of my favorite (and easy) flowers to grow are hydrangeas and geraniums. Summer edibles include strawberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  A visit to any local garden center will provide a lot of ideas and short talk with expert gardener will inspire you to start planting.
  5. Sit, talk, and listen.  It sounds easy, but how many of us do not make time to just STOP?  Pressing the pause button and taking a time out is an essential part of summer. Make a date with your son or daughter to enjoy a mellow teatime, sit at the beach, or have a special meal together. During this time, let them have your undivided attention and just listen.  Try not to judge or react. Show them you truly value their thoughts and ideas.

Happy Summer!


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One thought on “5 Ways To Bond With Your Child This Summer

  1. Great ideas! We just planted some carrots and beans last week. Today, I noticed the beans starting to sprout. That’s fast! So fun to watch things grow in our garden.

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