5 Diet Tips To Get Your Zen Back!


Summer is almost here! Feeling a bit blah when it comes to your diet? So how do you get your zen back? Think you can’t get back on track or don’t have the time?
Guest Contributor Certified Health Coach Sara Christensen says,”Yes you can!” and is here to help. She coaches women all over the world to love their bodies and their lives through three different on-line weight loss programs. She believes you deserve to be healthy, vibrant, happy, and thin for the rest of your life and loves to teach people how to liberate their inner awesome.

5 Pillars of Eating Like a Zen Mom

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Zen Mom, isn’t it? I mean, with the kids your husband and everything else, it can be all too easy to put yourself on the back burner.

Life can be straight up overwhelming! But the reality is, when you don’t take care of yourself, it’s hard to take care of the other important people in your life.

Think back to a time when you didn’t get enough sleep or were eating REALLY badly (Hello, McDonald’s!). You likely didn’t feel good physically, which has an immediate and real effect on the way you feel emotionally.

When your emotions are out of whack, it’s hard to have the patience and balance that you need to be the best mom you can be.

So, how can you eat like a true Zen Mom when you are feeling more frazzled than fabulous? Follow these 5 Pillars of Eating Like a Zen Mom to help refocus on yourself, so you can feel balance AND lose a few pounds off your waistline. WooHoo!

1. Follow the 95/5 Rule.
I love this rule and it’s an easy way to think about healthy eating. Here’s it is: Eat healthy 95% of the time and enjoy the hell out of the other 5%.

What does this mean? 95% of your eating will be whole, healthy foods, like veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains. The other 5% will be for luscious indulgence – to savor! I’m talking a yummy chocolate chip cookie or an extra glass of wine (or 2)… whatever it is that really revs your engine.

You know what they say: You always want what you can’t have. And this is so true when it comes to food! But, when there’s no voice in your head telling you, “Sorry, lady! You will never eat that again, even though you love it,” it becomes easier to control your urges, and allows you to appreciate it even more when the time is right.

2. Don’t diet. 
Diets are all about deprivation, starvation, and no’s, can’ts, and shouldn’ts. When you deprive yourself or only eat iceberg lettuce salads, you won’t sustain it. If you hate something, there’s no motivation to keep it up, right?

That’s why most women who diet lose a few pounds, but then quickly fall of the wagon, gaining back the weight and more. Plus, an unhappy, hungry mommy and wife won’t be getting much support from her family! From now on, you don’t diet. You eat healthy. No more diets that provide you with too few calories and absolutely 0 nutrition.

When you fill up with whole, real foods you are on your way to a sustainable, maintainable strong body.

3. Focus more on food than exercise.
Here’s a mantra for your early morning meditation: You can’t out-exercise a crappy diet.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying exercise isn’t an important piece o
the “take-care-of-your-body” puzzle- a good sweat gives you so many
more benefits than just burning calories. It keeps you young, combat
stress, and can prevent heart attacks.

And of course, it keeps your body strong, lean, and flexible. But crappy
eating can derail even your most valiant workout efforts.

Imagine this: You shake it like a Polaroid picture for 60 minutes at your
Zumba class, burning a whopping 500 calories. Woot! Then you head to
lunch with a friend, and have a club sandwich with some chips for 1000

Hasta la vista, workout! Consuming more calories that you burn can
happen quickly – be conscious of your food choices so that your
workouts mean something!

4. Eat real food.
Girl, your body is a Ferrari so why would you fill it up
with regular-old petro! You need the good stuff. When you eat
processed foods (especially those dang diet foods), you are consuming
chemicals, cheap ingredients, and artificial sweeteners. Think about this:
we are animals and are not naturally wired to eat chemicals. So, why do
we feed them to ourselves and our families?

Oh – it’s because they’re easy and taste freaking-amazing. But, I’ve got
news for you! Eating real foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean
proteins can be easy and taste great too. Plus, they are filled with the
nutrients your body craves to work like the machine that she is – no
chemicals required.

Nutrient dense and low-calorie is your other mantra! This approach will fill up your belly AND bitch slap nutrient cravings. Spend most of your time at
the grocery store along the perimeter, where all the juicy, natural good
stuff can be found. And remember: if it comes in a package, it’s been

5. Eat mindfully.
This is a toughie! We have been programmed to always be on-the-go: rushing out the door and trying to manage our time
more efficiently.

The problem is that this mindset makes eating a secondary priority. You
eat what, where, and when you can rather than sitting (and savoring) a
delicious, real-food meal.

So, no more eating in the car, nibbling on junk at the kitchen counter, or
grabbing a few leftover chicken nuggets off your child’s plate. Make a
vow right now to only eat when you’re sitting down. Yes!

When you commit to eating only while sitting down, you become super
conscious about every calorie that you put into your body. Taking the
time to plan a sit-down meal will also help you to coordinate healthier
options, which will always be better than what you choose when you’re
scrambling out the door.

Today, June 18, is Sara’s birthday and she’s giving YOU a gift by offering her eGuideBook as Pay What You Can, normally $50, for today only. Truly, it’s pay what you can.

Number 5 is the hardest for me! What do you think?


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