DIY Beauty Tricks: Turn Your Kitchen Into A Spa Getaway



Who doesn’t love a day at the spa, especially for Mother’s Day. But if you don’t have time to get to the spa, but still want to get some spa zen at home. Here are some are some quick DIY beauty tips and recipes that are super easy and won’t break the bank from guest contributor Michelle Pino.

The Softest Feet Ever

You don’t need to book a pedicure to get your feet poolside ready. Instead, whip up a simple scrub in your kitchen.

What you need:
-Sugar (raw sugar works best, but granular will do the trick)

-Olive oil

-An inexpensive pumice stone from the drug store

Mix the sugar and oil to make a paste, and use the pumice stone to slough away the dead skin from your heels. When you’re done, rinse off and coat your feet in a thick body butter or lotion. Cover with socks for two hours and voila: Your feet will be just as soft as if you’d been to a ritzy spa.


Banish Dry Winter Skin

You can use the same scrub from the foot treatment above on the rest of your body as well. Just skip the pumice stone: Your feet need it, but pumice is way too abrasive for the thinner skin on your body.

If you can steal an hour for yourself to take a nice relaxing bath, create your own DIY moisturizing bath treatment by adding oatmeal and milk to your bathwater. A cup of whole milk is best. As for the oatmeal, avoid a mess by grabbing an old nylon and filling it with oatmeal, tying it off and dropping it in the bath. You’ll enjoy the moisturizing properties of the oatmeal without having to scoop oats out of the drain later.

Michelle Pino, is a Spa Manager at Skana, a spa in upstate New York. She enjoys DIY projects, healthy recipes, exercise, and all things related to skin care.

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