Zenspiration: Taking Care of Yourself


“Taking care of yourself isn’t just about taking a break, but also believing you deserve it!”-The Zen Mom

My kids’ spring break isn’t until next week, but it’s good reminder that we all need a little break once in a while.  It’s amazing what things come your way just when you need it the most.  I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately. Trying to juggle the kids, keeping my current commitments and trying to refocus my company Zen Media, while taking an online business school class at night.  I’ve been not so zen.

Last week everything in my life was telling me to it was time to take a break, so that I could continue to grow and take care of others. That’s the whole mission of The Zen Mom, but sometimes we forget, sometimes I forget.

I’ve been doing the 21 day meditation with Deepak Chopra and Oprah one of the themes last week was “Through rest and play, I open my creative channel.” I wanted to share this letter that made me stop and reflect.

When we are playful and having fun, we are truly living with present moment awareness. It’s in these most joyful and carefree times that we allow the space for the “aha” moments and life-changing ideas to appear. Let’s take a moment and check in with ourselves right now.

  • Was there laughter in your day?
  • How did you express your unique gifts and talents?
  • What did you do that was playful or relaxing?
  • Was there a moment where you decided to just go with the flow?

Just “be” with your answers, without judgment. Then gently take a deep breath, and when you exhale, let all tension flow out of your body—just let it go. We invite you to consider a new intention: choose a light-hearted approach each moment in the coming days, allowing yourself permission to not take yourself too seriously. We wish you a day filled with ease, self-care, and abundant joy.

Then I did an interview with Ije Ude from Soul-Powered Coaching for her new interview series with women entrepreneurs.  Her questions were insightful and made me take a good look at myself.  She said I was Generator, I have the ability to power through any project, but I may also tend to take care of others and lose my priorities.

Then I got an article in my inbox.  Self-care isn’t just about you.

So last week I took a little break to take care of myself and have fun.     I went to  the Dr for an annual check-up something I’ve been putting off for a while and  I caught up with a friend, I went on a date with my husband and took my kids minature golfing. Just me and them.  No errands, no playdates, no checking my cell-phone, no classes, just fun.

This week I’m feeling a little more rejuvenated!

What have you done for yourself today?  What have you done just for fun?  Let me know.  Have a beautiful week.






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