Zenspiration: 5 Motivation Tips To Help You Get Organized

Struggling with motivation?  Gain the upper hand and get control of your space.
It is my belief that you need stay on top of your organization otherwise it really piles up! You need to motivate yourself to organize.
And being a professional organizer does not exempt me.   It is easy for me to tell others how to organize, to have really great ideas for storage and containers and to motivate them to stay organized, but there are times I really don’t feel like doing it myself in my own home and I procrastinate.
I know this might be controversial for an organizer to admit, but I just needed to say that organization is a state of mind and you need to be in the right state of mind to do it.  You must work at it in order for everything to stay organized.  And sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it!  That’s OK,  but when I am procrastinating here are my tips for motivating myself:
Tip #1:  Procrastinate a little bit but not too much.
 Go ahead give yourself a day or two off if you really don’t feel like it.  I equate organization to dieting. Some days you just need to cheat a little in order to get motivated again.  Knowing that I can have a day off recharges me and makes me want to get back in there and tackle the piles.
Tip #2:  Decide on your weekly organization days and really stick to them.
I organize thoroughly every Wednesday and Sunday night and I straighten up on Friday night.  Knowing that I didn’t get it done on Wednesday doesn’t stress me out because I know on Friday I will get it done.  Besides, who is coming over on Thursday to see my house anyway?
Tip #3:  I am motivated by people coming to my house so I schedule people to come over when I need a little motivation.
 Recently, my office was used as a guest room and I was resisting putting it back together. So,  scheduled a client to come and pick up a gift certificate at my house so I would be forced to put it back together and organize it.  And you know what, it worked.  I cleaned it up, put away my papers and files and vacuumed so that she could come into my office.  Trickery on my own behalf seems to work wonders for me.
Tip #4:  If something is not working, get rid of it and come up with a new solution.
 I was really trying to leave the mail and bills in the office downstairs but we live upstairs.  It was a hassle to go down and get the mail and sort through it. I was not making time to do it either and things got piled up. I decided that I would create a landing station for mail in my kitchen because it was just more convenient for me.  I would prefer it in the office, it looks nicer, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Tip #5: Reward yourself when you stay on top of your organization.
It doesn’t have to be something huge but something that keeps you motivated. For me, that is more organization!  Maybe I buy a new container or I change up an area with a new design. It just has to be something that makes you happy.  Tonight I am rewarding the family with dinner on the dining room table because I have finished inputting my receipts that were spread out on my table for weeks.  I will put everything into a box labeled Receipts 2012 and set the table for a Mexican fiesta. Ole!
I hope these tips to keep you motivated to organize and you go and straighten something up right now!
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