Simple Ways To Refresh Your Living Space With IKEA and Designer Dad


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We all want to stay inspired and for many that starts at home.  Designer Stephen Saint-Onge, also known as Designer Dad believes, “good design has the power to change lives.” and uses his interior design expertise to create family-friendly spaces.   He says there are simple things you can do everyday to improve you home.  He’s joined together with Family Circle and IKEA to share:

Simple Ways To Refresh Your Living Space

1. Change Out The Throw Pillows-(Color Scheme, New Pattern, etc.)

2. Add More Lighting (Add a new lamp or just change the lamp shade.)

3. Use Window Treatments

4. Add A New Centerpiece To The Coffee Table (Use Bamboo, Fresh Plants, etc.)

5. Change Out The Area Rug (Create a zone with the shape of the rug, and set the tone with the color or design.)

He shows you how apply these tips in this video.   The Designer Dad will also be in San Diego this weekend as part of IKEA’s Life Improvement Seminar.  He’ll be sharing more inspired tips this time for your kitchen.  It’s FREE to the public and there will be giveaways.  IKEA’s Life Improvement Project is about making a positive impact on your home and lives within it.

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5 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Refresh Your Living Space With IKEA and Designer Dad

  1. Thanks for sharing this with you followers. I am excited to be there this weekend. Never been to San Diego – so it’s a welcome visit for me. I hope we get lots of homeowners coming to the event on Sunday. Plus, everyone that comes gets a free copy of my book NO PLACE LIKE HOME and I’ll sign them. If you want creative home advice – also bring a few images of a room in your home that needs a refresh…I’ll give you some tips!

    Have a great day everyone…

  2. As a professional organizer, I tend to recommend IKEA a lot! I love the clean, simple ideas listed here for quick change ups that make the room feel inviting, designed and organized! I loved the use of baskets under the coffee table to store toys and other items you don’t want cluttering up your floor everyday. I love patterns and colors used too as they brighten up the room making it more attractive. I think I need a weekend trip to IKEA for some new accessories! Thanks for the tips.

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