The Importance of Managing Our Feelings For Kids and Parents


I’m Angry!  I’m Tired!  I’m Happy!  Are your kids able to express and manage their emotions?  Are you?  Or does it come out in other ways?   Parenting experts say a critical part of a child’s development  is learning to identify and express their feelings.  While most of us know that expressing our feelings is important and a vital part of healthy relationships, it may be easier said than done.

My son is about to turn 5 and starting Kindergarten next year. Recently he’s been having temper tantrums over the smallest things.  I know, I thought we were done with that after the terrible 2’s and 3’s -but at this age they are going through a lot of change and and I’ve heard from other parents it’s an emotional time.

We’ve been helping our kids communicate their needs since they were toddlers, but now that my son is growing up it’s a little more complicated than just saying use your words.  This weekend we were watching a DVD

Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show.

This DVD is produced by The Mother Company-started by 2 moms of preschoolers who wanted to help children with social and emotional learning.  I love what they are about..Helping Parents Raise Good People.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

It’s beautifully shot, cheerful and provides valuable lessons in a fun, interactive and intelligent way.  The host helps kids understand what they are feeling and why. It also gives them tools to manage their feelings and features real unscripted kids sharing their stories so children don’t feel so alone.  There’s also animated sequences, great music and even a puppet show. My kids love watching it.

What I’ve also realized about managing our feelings is that it’s not just about them.  I need to model the behavior I want to see, I need to express my emotions more.  To my children, to my husband instead of just getting upset or tired or whatever.   While I know it’s important to express our feelings doing it in our daily relationships isn’t always so easy.  Being raised in a Chinese family I wouldn’t say we were best at being expressive and sharing how we felt all the time.   Now that I’m a mom I see the impact we have on our kids everyday.   Sharing our feelings, expressing ourselves,  it’s not something they teach us schools, but we need it.  Being ready for kindergarten isn’t always about knowing our ABC’s and 123’s I think their emotional development is just as important.  And it’s not just about kindergarten.  I think we all could be a little more open and expressive. Just think of what that could do for our world?  How do you feel about sharing your feelings and how do teach your kids about it?

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