33 Voices Interview: Inspiration and Insight For Entrepreneurs


When you’re so busy just doing, you don’t always realize what you have learned, what you believe in or have actually accomplished.  Sometimes sharing your thoughts out loud allows you to gain insight into your own goals and vision.     That’s how I feel about my latest interview.  I am honored to be featured at 33  Voices.com today- Smart Conversations About Business and Life. Founder Moe Abdou believes in igniting the ambitions of entrepreneurs, helping them grow as people,  inspiring them to build amazing businesses and live extraordinary lives.

He was a great interviewer and asked me very insightful and thought provoking questions that really made me take a look within myself and share thoughts on my vision for Zen Media Inc., transitioning from news to being an entrepreneur, what makes us better communicators, how the internet has changed the way we share and get information, and the struggle to balance it all.   I love the slide show he put together. Click the arrow for the highlights and click sound cloud if you want to listen to a clip about why I started The Zen Mom.   If you want to listen to the full interview go here .  I hope you will gain some insight from my interview and check out all the other amazing authors, entrepreneurs and speakers on 33 Voices.
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