The Zen Secret To Optimal Health: The 3 B’s

What’s the secret to optimal health? Here’s an easy formula to get you & keep you on track. It’s the three “B” way to keep you performing at your very best from both the inside and outside. So, what are the three “B’s”?
Healthy muscles are both strong & flexible. If you have muscular imbalances from repetitive movements or structural irregularities they won’t fix themselves. You must strengthen the lesser, infrequently used muscles and lengthen the dense, over used muscles for optimum health. Athletes, whether recreational or professional can be at particular risk for imbalances.
Why do you think that in any sport you name, you can find professional athletes using yoga to help them perform at their best. Rock stars such as Sting and Madonna have regular yoga practices to keep the stamina and youthfulness they need to perform during a demanding world tour. So, the first “B” for optimal health is moving your BODY in a balanced, functional way.
Connecting to the meditative rhythm of your breath, Conscious BREATHING is #2. Being conscious of your breath increases your concentration & focus and helps you relax under pressure.
And finally, eating organic, healthy digestible meals keeps you in shape and clean on the inside. So, Moving your BOWELS is #3.  To keep you regular it’s important to stay hydrated, fill up on fiber, and don’t skip meals.

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