Happy New Year Again!: Zen Tips To Avoid New Year Stress


Happy New Year!  Well I know it’s already the 7th, but to me I feel like 2013 just started today.  It’s probably because the the kids just went back to school today and now I feel a little bit more caught up and back on schedule, but part of me is still not there yet.  What about you?    Is the New Year stressing you out already?    With all the resolutions and goals to eat better, feel better, do better, get organized etc. it can get a bit overwhelming.   While these are my resolutions, I realized I can’t do them all at once and you need to do them when you are ready.    So here are my Zen Tips To Avoid New Year Stress!

1.  New Year Is When You Say It Is– It is nice to start fresh on the new year, but the actually date is arbitrary.  It just gives you an reason to reboot and dream big. To let go and move on.  So you can do it on your time.  If have some great intentions-do be too hard on yourself that you haven’t put them into action yet. It’s not too late.

2.  Just Start!  If you already feel like it’s too late.  It’s not.     If there’s something you want to do and don’t have it all planned out it’s OK.  Just begin.  Here’s one of my most popular posts from last year. Just Start.

3.  Do Something Interesting-  I read a recent article that said the way to avoid stress and feel rejuvenated is not necessarily to relax.. it’s to do something interesting.  A scientific study showed people were more motivated, positive and replenished even if what they did was more complex or required more effort. While your list of new year goals may be great and help you achieve something in the long run, take a few minutes to do something that recharges you.   So while going out to dinner is relaxing, eating at a new restaurant or trying a new dish, may be interesting and help you reboot.

Do you have any tips to share?  How are you feeling in the new year?

Happy New Year Again!

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