Zenspiration: The Importance of Family Traditions


We just finished putting up the tree this weekend.  It started off a little stressful after our tree wouldn’t fit into the base and took a lot longer than we expected. But now it’s up and a serves as a reminder to not get too frazzled during the holidays.    It’s supposed to be fun right?

I love seeing the warm glow of the lights at night, but for me it wasn’t just about the decorations it’s about the meaning.  It was like taking a trip down memory lane.   When my husband and I got married we started a tradition of collecting ornaments for family milestones and for our travels.  As we put up each ornament with the kids it was like taking a step back in time.    We each have a few from our childhood-the random knitted Santa ornament that my grandma made when I was a kid or my husband’s fragile glass dragon he’s had for decades.  There are a few from our wedding in Maui, a coin from our recent trip to Peru, even a handprint from my daughter’s first Christmas.  I don’t collect many things, but I enjoy bringing these out once a year to remember special moments in time.  I look forward to hanging these ornaments and having my kids add to the collection through the years and one day they will have their own collection.  Do you have any holiday family traditions and what do they mean to you?


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