Wisdom: Thanksgiving Turkey Zen Tips From Cooking To Carving!


Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving?  While we all love a good home cooked meal, preparing a turkey can be a little stressful.  So what’s the secret to staying zen?  Going to someone else’s house. 🙂  Just kidding-Or having a chef share his insider secrets with you. Last year I chatted with Chef Jeff Stanko here are a  few tips and a video to making the perfect turkey.

Watch the video for instructions, but remember a fresh turkey is usually better, soak it in brine for 12 to 24 hours, properly roast, cook at 400 for one hour covered with foil before reducing oven temperature to 325 degrees, and check for the proper internal temperature.

Top Turkey Tips

1.  Get a good quality turkey.

2.  Soak in brine for flavor and tenderness.

3.  Season and use proper roasting technique.

4. Check proper internal temperature.

5. Carve Properly-The video below gives you a step by step guide.

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