Target Up & Up Gummy Multivitamins-Not Just For Kids!


Have you ever taken one of your kids’ gummy vitamins? I have to admit, I have. My kids love their gummy vitamins every morning and when I’m busy making breakfast I take a few as well.  Shhh!  I probably should be taking my own multivitamins, but who can resist those cute little things that also give you a little nutrient insurance for the day.

When I was pregnant I was really good about taking my vitamins, but I don’t really love pills and now that I have two toddlers running around I forget to take them.  So that’s why I was excited to try Target’s up&up Adults’ Gummy Multivitamins. That’s right we can have gummy vitamins too!  They taste good, are easy to chew and provide the same healthy nutrients.  Each bottle has 70 vitamins (berry, peach and orange flavors).  You take 2 a day.

The children’s multivitamins are shaped like bears and you can give them up to 2 a day.

If you’re concerned about sugar, there’s only 1 gram a vitamin.  While I don’t like giving my kids sweets much, I don’t feel a little bear a day will hurt them.   But what I do make sure is that they realize is that it is a vitamin, NOT candy and they can’t have more than 2 a day.  I keep the bottle stored in a place they can’t reach them.  They are so tasty it would be easy to confuse them for treats.

Gummy vitamins can end up costing a little bit more than regular pills because you have to take 2 to get the same dose, but Target’s up&up brand is really economical.  Who doesn’t love Target and now with their own exclusive brand they offer more than 1,000 high quality, well designed products at low prices from vitamins and lotion to napkins and laundry detergent.   Here are some of the latest up&up coupons.

*This is a sponsored post.  I received product for review, but all opinions are my own.

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