How To “Be Business Awesome”



“Never upset moms or geeks. They will mess you up.”  -Scott Stratten when talking about tips for businesses.

Learn how to “Be Business Awesome” with Scott Stratten of Unmarketing one of the top five social media influencers in the world on  The Social Media Club of San Diego is hosting an event on Tuesday, November 13th.  You will get a chance to meet him an person, get a signed copy of his book, network with business professionals and influencers, and gain valuable insight for your business.

The Book of Business Awesome, is a flip book. Seriously. One side is tales of Awesome, flip it over, and it reads the other way with train wrecks of UnAwesome. Two beginnings, two ends. The book is about engagement everywhere. Your logo isn’t your brand. You are. From hiring, to marketing, PR to Management, all bases are covered in this book.  Sounds interesting!

Event Details

When: Tuesday, November 13, 2012  at 5:30pm

Where: San Diego Repertory Theatre, Horton Plaza
79 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101-6144

Tickets: $49

Event hashtag: #BusinessAwesomeSD

Click here for tickets.

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