Zenspiration: Celebrating Milestones and Everyday Moments


“Celebrating milestones and everyday precious moments allows us to savor and truly appreciate the abundance in our lives.” -The Zen Mom

Now that I’m a mom I don’t have as much time as I would like to BE-be by myself, be with my girlfriends, just BE.  That’s why I’m so thankful for the special time I had this weekend celebrating my friend’s 40th and my belated birthday in San Francisco.   I’ve known them since grade school and college, but since we live in different cities, we haven’t had any quality time to catch up in ages.  Life gets busy for all of us, whether we have kids or not.  It doesn’t mean we are less of a friend, but we just can’t always keep up with everything.  Making the time and being able to reconnect with my closest friends made me realize the importance of celebrating milestones and savoring everyday moments.

Things move so fast these days, sometimes it’s all a blur, the good and the bad, but who wants their life to be a blur.  Do you ever feel that way? That we spend so much time crossing off the “To Do” list, so we can finish one thing and move on to the next, so THEN we can finally focus.  But will we ever be truly done with “The List”?

I’m a big believer in the list.  I love lists.  I live by the list for my my life goals and my everyday tasks, but there comes a time when I realize I need to slow down-when the list takes over.  I found that celebrating milestones and savoring the everyday moments are so important and that they not only create wonderful memories, but allow us to truly appreciate those priceless moments in time.

Whether it’s celebrating a 40th or 1st birthday, your anniversary or the first day of school, or just a moment in time where your child looks you into your eyes and says I love you or having a really good conversation with someone close to you-these are the moments you will remember and want to remember in life.

As we move into the holiday chaos and things start to blur, I hope you will take the time to savor the moments that really matter.  How do you savor the moments?  Happy Monday!

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