Quick Halloween Party Food and Treats!


Source: uniquecostumeideas365.com via Christina on Pinterest

Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays. I used to love dressing up. Now it”s all about the kids. Every so often if my husband and I can get it together in time we get creative, but this year I”ll probably recycle something or just focus on the kids.

But just because you”re not dressing up doesn”t mean you can”t have fun, especially with food. I”m going to a Halloween dinner party for kids and parents and needed a few quick easy party ideas. Here are some fun ones I found on Pinterest!  The pumpkin carrot arrangement is super cool and look how easy that is. You can change up the dip dishes with different shapes for a different look.  Who knew you can decorate with carrots and dip?

This is the one I will probably bring to the party. I love 7 layer dip.  Now  I just have to arrange it differently and it will make a great tasty centerpiece.  It looks like you need to make the top layer guacamole and then arrange he toppings to the side.  To make the cobwebs-if you have a icing decorating kit or I”m going to use a sandwich bag, snip a small corner off the side and fill with sour cream twist the top to tighten and then squeeze through creating a thin line of circles. Then just drag a fork to create the lines radiating from the center.  Voila!  Cobwebs! Who knew you could dress up juice boxes?  Do you have any Halloween party ideas?  Let me know if you try any of these.  Happy Halloween!




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