Quick and Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes


I make pumpkin pancakes all year round, but now that it’s Fall (Halloween) I thought I’d share my recipe.   I love that pumpkin is super healthy, packed with Vitamin A and gives my kids a big serving of a veggie at breakfast.  My kids love them.  I usually make them on the weekends when I have more time.   I make a big batch and then freeze them.  Then during the week I have a quick go to breakfast or snack for my kids.  To make it easier I use canned pumpkin and pancake mix.  

I prefer using organic and whole grain ingredients, but you can use whatever you want.   Even though it’s a mix the pumpkin dilutes it a bit, so I still add my own baking powder and baking soda,  to make the pancakes fluffier.


1 can Pumpkin

2 cups Pancake Mix

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 3/4 Cup Water or Milk

1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder

1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda

1 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon Vanilla

Oil for pan

Mix together all ingredients.    Heat griddle or pan and coat with oil. Pour pancake mix onto griddle.  When sides harden and bubbles surface, flip over and cook until done.

This makes a large batch (20 or more medium size) because I don’t like to have pumpkin left over, but you can also 1/2 the recipe if you don’t feel like make a lot of pancakes.

I don’t add sugar to the recipe, but you can if you like the pancakes sweeter.  I figure the maple syrup we put on it makes it sweet enough.

Quick and easy!




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