Behind The Scenes: Brands And Bloggers Working Together #BlogFrogRocks



This is who you want working with you, right? 🙂   For some reason most of the events I’ve attended lately-I somehow end up in a photo booth!   However goofy, it does reflect my fun side and my enthusiasm, when working with brands I believe in!


When I first started blogging I shared tips and wrote about things and products that made my life easier and more inspired-more zen!  I still do that, but now that The Zen Mom has grown, I have more opportunities to partner with brands.  This allows me to share even more informative and inspirational content that is relevant to my readers.


Coming from a traditional media background, I believe in a high level of professionalism for my blog and my business and I expect the same from the brands I work with.  In this new media space there are not as many set rules, so it’s important for brands and influencers to be on the same page when collaborating.


So what is my advice for Brands working with Influencers?


1.  Know who you are working with and everything they have to offer.


I think it’s important for brands to take a look at each blogger individually and what they have to offer in terms of professional background, their reach, what their blog/brand stands for, and their influence across different platforms.  I believe by understanding and taking the time to know who they are partnering with, will allow brands to create more authentic and creative campaigns with bloggers.


2.  Respect A Bloggers Skill and Time.   


While I love sharing authentic and engaging content – it takes a lot of time, skill, and experience.  Brands who respect that will get the results they want.



3. Have Good Communication, Organization, and Follow Through.


I believe in clear communication.  I always work hard to deliver what is expected of me whether it’s for those that I work with or for my readers.   I enjoy working with brands/PR Reps that share this philosophy.  I believe clear objectives, timelines and follow through are important.


 4, Have Vision.  


The blogosphere is evolving.  I think it’s important for brands to find different ways to partner with influencers.  It’s shouldn’t just be about a blog post or a tweet or a one-time collaboration.   Partnerships and creative campaigns from incorporating video, online webcasts, events or other innovative ways to create an authentic conversation are also valuable.


I’ve learned a lot in the last few years and as the media landscape continues to evolve I’m excited to be a part of it.

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Now, I’m curious. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogFrog. The opinions and text are all mine.

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