Monday Motivator: Is Being Too Connected Making Us Disconnected?


“When you need to recharge- put away the IPhone, the IChat, I-whatever and give yourself time to listen to the “I” that really matters, you!”Pato Bantan

These were the words reggae singer, Pato Bantan, ended his set with as he addressed the audience at Street Fest in San Diego this weekend.

As I was standing there taking photos with my IPhone-(ironic) these words made me stop and reflect.  Is being too connected making us disconnected?   Maybe.

Now that I’m very active in social media-I love how technology allows us to be more connected, sharing and learning from others.  But I also struggle with information overload and being present with what is happening in the moment.   When I ‘m not working I try not to let what email/tweet/like comes in on my phone distract me when I’m with my family or friends.  On the weekends I usually unplug from social media, but it’s easier said than done.  Sometimes you just need a break from all the noise to hear, to process, to think.

So on this Monday as you plug back in after the weekend. I hope this quote will remind you to take some time  to check in with yourself and listen.

Do you struggle with technology overload?  How to you stay focused and in the moment?



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One thought on “Monday Motivator: Is Being Too Connected Making Us Disconnected?

  1. Yes, I totally struggle with information overload. I have so many accounts to check for social media and to keep up that it can be overwhelming. I just need to step away sometimes and realize the world won’t end if I miss something.

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