Behind The Scenes: The Ricki Lake Show Premiere and “The Power of Social Media”! #Friends of Ricki


Ricki’s Back!  The Ricki Lake Show premiered this week and here’s a behind the scenes look.

On Monday, I was invited to Culver Studios for the kick-off and taping of “The Power Of Social Media” episode which will air on Wednesday. Click here for times.  I was joined by other influential online women/men as a part of The Friends of Ricki community-the first social TV community of its kind where you can join the conversation, even pitch stories to the producers.  Normally during talk show tapings you are not allowed to bring phones or cameras,  so here’s a special inside look at everything before it airs to the public. As you can see, even Ricki was tweeting while hosting the show.

The show was about the power of social media with interviews with P Diddy to Andy Cohen from Bravo sharing their social media tips.  It also features how social media helped one couple find love, another find a baby, and a “twittervention” with Dancing With The Stars Tristan McManus who drove all the ladies Twitter crazy, but doesn’t have an account himself.  She also talked about the power of social media for good and showcased how women are using it to share their voice, vision and grow their businesses online.

For me social media can at times be a little overwhelming, but it has also given me a voice to connect online and off.  I think it’s important to recognize the power of it, yet not get too swept away by it.  (I know easier said than done.)  I love that I am able to meet many of my social media friends in real life and now also connect with many of my real life friends and support them online.  From  my 30 Second Mom friends (top left), who I would have never known if it hadn’t been for social media to to my fellow San Diego bloggers and entrepreneurs (top right) @murasakimedia, @sdmomsblog, @cparentsorg, (bottom right) @kathystrahs to my former KNBC collegue @SteveTruitt (bottom) who is now a successful life coach/speaker and Ricki Lake’s Director of Social Media Bryan Moore @teamrickibryan.

All these amazing people are using real life and online connections to share their passion, voice, and make a difference.  How has social media changed your life?

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  1. What a wonderful post! You captured the spirit of the day so beautifully….I enjoyed spending time with you as always! xo

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