Inspiration: Nickelodeon Casting For Worldwide Day Of Play!


Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day Of Play is coming up on October 6th!  It’s a day to celebrate the importance of play and there will be events across the country leading up to the big day.  But they are also casting three 8-13 year olds to tell their inspirational stories and to feature on Nickelodeon.  Here’s the info from the casting director.

“Worldwide Day of Play is an annual event, in which we turn off the air for 3 hours encouraging kids to get out and get active. In the weeks leading up to the event we run promos and image spots asking kids to get out and start planning what they will do on Oct 6th.  This year the culmination of all of this is a 1/2 hour special in which Nickelodeon will celebrate real kids staying active and playing.
We are looking to profile 3 kids in the Worldwide Day of Play special who have unique stories about how play has impacted their lives. Examples include: a kid who was bullied and gained confidence/escaped through a sport, a kid who is handicapped and is passionate about a sport, inner city kids who stay off the streets due to a sport they play together. Or even something as simple as a group of kids who became best buddies playing a sport together every week.  We are open to any inspiring, celebratory stories. The kids will be featured in 3-4 min profiles and they need to be comfortable talking on camera.   If you’re interested e-mail with your story.”

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