Behind The Scenes: KUSI “Good Morning San Diego” Back To School Tips


On Monday morning I had a great Back to School Segment at KUSI with Alexis Del Chiaro.  They made a special announcement that morning-someone is expecting.  :)  No it wasn’t Alexis.  The anchor and fellow UCSB alumni is a newlywed who just got married this year.  But you never know!  It was traffic anchor Kerri Lane.  She’s four months pregnant.  Congrats.  It’s always hard to juggle pregnancy and work, especially that early in the morning, but she does it with style.

Okay enough baby talk. Now for back to school tips..check out my segment below to find out how to gear up safely, how you can keep your kids’ food cold and safe, but not get left with soggy crackers,  how you can ease the morning madness and the solution to the  “toddler shoe on the wrong foot” dilemma and more.

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