Inspiration: Blogher New York ’12 Highlights II


Blogher-The 3 day conference in New York City with more than 5,000 influential women and a few men sharing their voices, can be a bit exhausting, but inspiring at the same time. It leaves you wanting to do more, be more and share more.   I’ve already shared the wisdom from my Pathfinder experience. Here are a few other conference highlights and inspirations.

President Barack Obama kicked off the conference with a live address.  He talked politics, “the choice women face right now in this election could not be bigger.”   And shared some personal insight, “I wanted to say thank you, like every father, I think about the role models that are out there for my daughters, and I worry about what they will run into online,” he said. “The fact that Sasha and Malia can go to places like BlogHer” and read the writings of “thousands” of thoughtful women, is reassuring as a parent.”

Martha Stewart was the keynote speaker on Friday.  She spent her birthday (yes, it was her birthday) with a room packed with bloggers sharing her thoughts on technology, branding, her new ventures, and shares some advice.

“The better you are, the more popular you become, and the more people you can reach. That’s really be the story of my career. You have to be real.”

And despite all her career success, she said the best thing to happen to her this year was her grandson.

Katie Couric also shared her words of wisdom.

“Try to rely on your gut, be who you are and not the person others say or the voice in your head says you should be.” 

For more here’s my post for PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network – Katie Couric: Inspiring Others By Just Being Katie.

I also had a great time with Lifetime Moms.  Meeting many of them in person for the first time from Carol Cain to Melissa Chapman to all the other lovely ladies in the community.  We also got a surprise visit from Project Runway designers, Fabio Costa, Dimitry Sholokhov, and Buffi Jashanmal who shared their fashion tips.  Stay tuned for my Fashion/Make-up Video on Lifetime Moms. Lifetime TV also hosted a Relaxation Retreat with some sweet treats and lots of fun.  We previewed their new Fall programming from a Steel Magnolias remake with Queen Latifah to Liz and Dick with Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.

As always Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends  and fellow PepsiCo WIN Correspondent hosted several great parties including a Zutano event with Project Nursery’s Melisa Fluhr.   Held at FAO Schwartz I couldn’t help, but swing by FAO Schweetz too.  Candy Heaven!

One of the major highlights was finally meeting bloggers who I’ve connected with online, but have never met in person.  From 30 Second Mom friends like Marie Roker Jones- Raising Great Men,  (no photo) to Dagmar Bleasdale (I love her green and frugal living topics)  and my hapamama and dad lunch crew (Maria Wen Adock-Bicultural Mama, Jim Lin-Busy Dad Blog and Grace Hwang Lynch-Hapa Mama.)  We had a blast hanging out on the expo floor discovering products.   We couldn’t avoid the Kikkoman booth, especially when they were serving soy sauce ice cream, yes I did say soy sauce and it was surprisingly good.  Tasted like salted caramel ice cream!  Do you have any highlights to share?


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    • Thanks. Last year was my first blogher. There are lots of conferences to choose from. Hope you’re enjoying your summer and we get to connect in person sometime.

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