Monday Motivator: Appreciate What You Have Accomplished


“Recognize your past, so you can appreciate the present, and create your future.”-The Zen Mom

The past few weeks has been filled with flashbacks for me.  I was able to catch up with a few of my work friends from the past.  One was a fellow anchor/reporter who I worked with at a small market television station when we were both building our news careers.   When we had no money, no boyfriends, just drive and a good friendship to share our dreams together.   Another was a friend I ran into at Comic-Con, who is now a successful Hollywood producer/writer.   He and I worked together as Hollywood assistants right out of college.  We used to have lunch and talk about our  “someday” dreams and fortunately through our hard work, our someday dreams came true.      I was also able to spend some quality time with one of my closest friends, whom I’ve known since college and has been there through different stages of my life before kids and after.  All these memories seem like lifetimes ago.

Well, before I walk you down my memory lane any further, the reason I’m sharing this with you is because reconnecting with my past made me realize how far I’ve come.   I think as moms, sometimes we forget who we were and who we are because we have placed our priorities on your children and our families.  While this is a great privilege, I think it’s easy to get lost and forget all that you’ve accomplished.  Time seems to fly by and don’t always have time to reflect on everything that happens and stay connected with everyone in my life.   Somedays I just feel like I’m trying to catch up with my to do list and not really appreciating everything I have accomplished.  And when I say accomplished I don’t necessarily mean career wise or something life changing.  I mean the everyday wins.  I mean recognizing what makes you happy, what drives you, or what you did manage to get done on your to do list, or what you are doing as a mom on a daily basis.  I think it’s important to pause and recognize your achievements however you choose to define them.   So on this Monday before you get caught up in your busy week. Take some time to reflect and recognize yourself . What are you proud of in your life?  In the past and in the present.  What do you appreciate about yourself?

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