Zenspirational Women: Meet Tessa Yutadco-Founder My Skincare


“Live fully. We’re not around for long.”-Tessa Yutadco

Tessa Yutadco is the founder of the skincare line My.   Her mission is to empower women to achieve the most beautiful you.  I was inspired by her story and admire her drive for going for it, getting things done and her appreciation for life and the people in it.  I really like her skincare line too.  While I’m a loyal Clarins customer.  I’ve been using her products for the last few weeks.  The eye cream is my favorite and I love the texture of the creams. They go on smooth and easy and don’t leave you feeling greasy.  Her company is also dedicated to uplifting the lives of the Filipino women and men who farm and extract the Pili oil My uses.

As a Filipino immigrant who came to the US when she was 16, she always believed in working hard. From her very first job at a bakery in San Francisco, then working her way through school, graduating from Georgetown, she then went on to work in Silicon Valley as a corporate paralegal and then as an employment attorney.   She had accomplished her professional goals, but realized she wasn’t living fully.  She left her corporate job 3 years ago to start My.

What inspired you to start your company?

Like many other women dealing with the stressful demands of everyday life I  did not prioritize my health and well-being and it was taking a toll.  Realizing that I was nearing the  4-0,  I decided it was time for me to make a commitment to feel better and embrace a healthier lifestyle. I improved my diet and exercise routine, but I also started to scrutinize my skin care routine as well.  Recognizing that having healthy, beautiful skin is empowering, I decided to create a line that combines effective natural botanicals with the latest advances in skin care science.

How do you manage work/life balance?  

I best manage a work/life balance by having a clear understanding of my personal and professional priorities and being flexible.  For me, flexibility is most important and it is one of the things I love about having my own business.  No one day is going to be the same – unexpected issues (good and bad) always come up – and I simply have to adjust my schedule accordingly.  Maybe I work extra late one evening or start early one morning so that I can participate in events that are important to my personal life.

How do you stay Zen?

I practice yoga. I run. I exercise. I travel. I go to the farmers’ market. I drink tea. Most importantly, I connect with my girlfriends every day. My girlfriends, my sisters included, have been such a tremendous source of support for me in my life, and I cherish them very much.
What tips do you have for entrepreneurs?  

-Build extra time into your execution plan.  When it comes to timing, many things are out of your control, but you just need to accept certain delays, move on and exercise patience.

-Treat your service providers, suppliers and vendors well!  While this is a best business practice under any circumstance, as a young company, most of your service providers, suppliers and vendors have much larger clients and accounts.  If you treat them well and respect them, they do the same in return and you receive the same attention and service as their larger clients and accounts.

-Celebrate your successes and accomplishments, however small.  It took me two and-a-half years from incorporating My to launching the debut My Prime line.  Along the way, we celebrated various milestones – completion of our product formulations, finalizing our product names, finishing our packaging designs, etc.  I even had a “My” holiday party with my husband and some friends (okay, make that two friends)!  You need to take time to recognize what you have achieved, even before the business starts generating revenue.

My will be launching their next line which includes a cleanser, toner, and mask soon.  If you would like to nominate a Zenspirational Women click here.


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