Ann Curry’s Tearful Goodbye To Today!


“After the hurt wears off, sometimes setbacks may give you some unexpected clarity about your life and your purpose.” -The Zen Mom.

What do you think of Ann Curry’s tearful goodbye on “Today” this morning? TV is tough business, it’s hard not to take things personally, but in the end it’s just business. For all her years of hard work she did not deserve the way this was handled. I’m glad she spoke her truth as best as she could under the circumstances rather than giving a canned goodbye!  Many of us may have experienced being let go, or contract not renewed, or duties being reshuffled in our careers, but usually it’s not played out day by day on live television and in the rest of the media.  This is a post I wrote for Lifetime a few days ago before she made the final announcement. “Lessons Learned From The Ann Curry and Today Show Drama!”  

Good luck Ann don’t let your job title  be the gauge of your true worth! While I didn’t know Ann personally I did have a chance to meet her. This is a photo taken when I met her at an Asian American Journalists Association conference 12 years ago when I was rookie reporter.  I wish her the very best.  It will be interesting to see who fills the host chair tomorrow.  Are they just going to go on business as usual? Yes.

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3 thoughts on “Ann Curry’s Tearful Goodbye To Today!

  1. Dan and I think she was great on Today Show! I was very sad to see her leave. She did not deserve the way was handled by NBC!

  2. Ann should hold her head up. She comes from a family of tradition and value–Mother and father were married for 53 years! That seems to contradict the “modern” America and today’s business world.

    • I agree she accomplished a lot in her career but the most important thing is who you are and what you stand for st the end of the day. We can’t let our jobs define us although it may be difficult to see when your going thru a transition.

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