Monday Motivator: The Key To Success And Happiness


Last week I met a woman Victoria that reminded me of the power of being genuinely nice.  She owns a orchid farm and sells at farmers markets (Rancho Bernardo, La Jolla).  I don’t know her well, but you could see that she was a happy person.  She had a smile from ear to ear and enjoyed sharing her love of orchids.   It was a hot day I was by myself with both kids  and I saw these beautiful orchids.   I wanted to get one, but both the kids were acting up and I didn’t really feel like manuevering the stroller with two screaming kids while trying to carry a fragile orchid.  But I did anyway and I’m glad I did.

She was super sweet.  Picked out a unique two stem orchid for me.  She spent time telling me exactly how to care for it.  Out of direct sunlight, but in a well lit place.  Water it every few weeks and wait for not only the top of the soil to be dry, but the bottom as well.  I paid for it.  Then, she said you need a pot too, and gave me one.  I attempted to pay and she said don’t worry pay me next time.  Next time?  I don’t go to this farmer’s market that often.   She said it’s okay and smiled. Then she had her husband walk me to my car.  I said, “That’s okay, I can do it.”  She said, “No no, he will help you.”   While I know this is just part of good old fashioned customer service, you don’t see it that much anymore and I appreciated it.  She didn’t know if I would ever come back, but I will and will probably refer her more customers.  She believes in and loves what she does and it shows in her and her orchids (high-quality, wholesale prices).

What it made me realize is, the importance of being genuinely nice-I truly believe that is the key to success and happiness.  Whether it is with your friends, family, or your customers.  In our fast paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in our own issues and not think about others as much. I think people appreciate real connection and relationships and what you give to the world will come back to you.  Happy Monday!


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2 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: The Key To Success And Happiness

  1. A beautiful orchid a beautiful story, I love when people go the extra mile. Great customer service and she saw that you needed assistance and she provided some. It didn’t take anything away from her but it left you with a lasting feeling of warmth and gratitude. Something we can all learn from.

    • Isn’t amazing how people’s attitude can have such a lasting impact. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

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