Zenspirational Women: Ariela Balk, President/CEO Smart and Sexy and The Secret To Her Success


“There’s not one way to do things.” -Ariela Balk

Ariela Balk is not only the President/CEO of Ariela-Alpha Intl., one of the largest privately held lingerie companies in the country, selling over 60 million garments a year under numerous national brands including Smart and Sexy, but she is also a mother of 8.  Yes, 8.  She started her career as an assistant to the owner of an underwear company.  She wrote her first business plan by age 21.  Six years later with a newborn baby, she left the security of her job to start her company and the rest is history.  Today she is  a successful business owner, but also a women who is committed to supporting other women and helping them realize their dreams. I love that her company donates a percentage of their net sales to programs that empower woman.

I met her recently at The Count Me In conference for women entrepreneurs and was inspired by her business savvy, and her engaging and genuine personality.  She had a lot of wisdom to share, but I wanted to highlight her 4 daily tips and secrets to her success.

1. Early To Bed, Early To Rise. (She says she says she starts her day early.  The morning before the family is up is the most productive time of the day.)

2. Start Your To Do List With One Thing You LEAST Want To Do. (Your day will get filled and instead of procrastinating start with the worst task and make it your first priority.)

3. Confront Reality and Critique Yourself At The End Of The Day. (Don’t make excuses. Be honest with yourself. Did you accomplish what you wanted?  Were you productive? If not, try to do better tomorrow.

4. Give Yourself “Thinking Time”-Your most creative thoughts may come at off hours.  Plan what you are going to think about and make good use of your down time when you have it.

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