Monday Motivator-Stop Eating Your Child’s Food!


So I just finished a 3 day juice cleanse and I feel great.  I’m not even that hungry, but food does sound good.   I’ll review the cleanse later this week, but what I wanted to share in the Monday Motivator is what I learned.  I eat my kids snacks and I don’t even know it.  Several times during the weekend I caught myself eating random snacks that I didn’t even want. (Or attempting to eat, I am supposed to be fasting so I caught myself and spit it out.)  My kids would want something and I would hand it to them and then I would eat one too.    After lunch I would what was left over.  Can you imagine how many extra calories we eat and don’t even know it or enjoy it?  I’m not a diet blog, but I just found this very interesting.   I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat your kids food, but only eat it if you mean to eat it or actually want to.  We don’t deserve to be the family trash can. So if anything now I’ll think twice before put something into my body.  Happy Monday!

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