Zenspirational Woman: Meet Nicole Townend “Teddy Needs A Bath” Creator


“This too shall pass. It’s what I always say to myself when something seems really bad in the moment.” -Nicole Townend

Nicole Townend is a mother, entrepreneur, and creator of Teddy Needs a Bath– The first wash and dry bag for your child’s stuffed toys.  You would never know that she survived a near fatal car crash her senior year in high school when her SUV flipped, she was ejected and tangled up in a tree.

“My face was absolutely mangled and I broke almost every bone on the left side of my body. I missed out on all that a kid that age thinks matter, all the end of Senior year things like Prom (where I was nominated for Queen) and I was bound to a wheel chair all summer. I persevered, had dozens of surgeries on my face and body (half of my face is metal), and am a more spiritual, wholesome person because of it all. I appreciate  LIFE for sure.”

She is now married to her college sweetheart and a mother to a 2 year old girl.

What inspired you to start your company?

After the baby shower we had several stuffed animals in the nursery waiting for our little angel. Before she even came, our lab had managed to slobber all over most of them and then would proceed to drag them in the backyard. I visited some baby “super” stores, to find that none of them carried anything to assist in properly washing these toys. And all their labels said surface wash only. Then it hit me, I will find the solution and bring it to market. What a fun challenge! Thanks to the internet, I was able to research and make connections overseas all while nursing an infant from my living room.

How do you juggle work and family and stay zen?


I’ve found a good balance. And work has actually been good for me. It gives me a sense of identity other than being Jemma’s mom 🙂

What is your advice for other moms/momprenuers?

GO FOR IT. There is no time like the present. Now is the right time 😉 And everyone appreciates a go-getter, no matter how small of a company you are.

Teddy Needs A Bath is 100% cotton, eco-friendly and comes in 2 sizes- 20 x 30 inches and 10 x15 inches. It helps prevent mis-shaping, snagging and mildew and is available at drugstore.com and Toys R Us.com.

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