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What is it about pregnancy and motherhood that makes people say whatever they want or feel like they have to give you advice?   If you made a list of every inappropriate or random silly comment you heard you it would probably make you laugh, in retrospect that is.  Well, that’s what Emily Van Do did.  She made a diary of unbelievable comments and questions posed to a pregnant woman and turned it into “Mama Never Told Me….”(There’s one for new moms too).

It is a quick funny book that take a lighthearted look at what you may experience as a pregnant woman or new mom.  Each page features comments or snippets of conversations paired with a fun illustration.  It’s filled with things you’ve heard, but probably forgot or a preview of things to come.

Here are a few “You are soo big!! Are you sure they’re aren’t two in there?”,   “You look like you could give birth next week!”

I’ve definitely have gotten this one.  For some reason when you get pregnant it’s suddenly okay to talk about your chest like they are their own person. My boobs were big enough to start with, but then with pregnancy-they grew and grew and grew.  Not to mention what they looked like 2 days after I got home from the hospital when my milk came in.  Can you say alien?

What’s the craziest, annoying, most unbelievable comment someone has made to you when you were pregnant?

Emily’s lives in New York City, her son is now 4 and she will be launching her new blog in the next month.

Follow Emily/MNTM on Twitter: @mamanevertoldme
Mama Never Told Me… books are available in boutiques across the US, on her website and , at 9 London by Emily Evans in London.  They can also be downloaded exclusively on Amazon.

*TZM was not paid for this post, but received a book for review purposes.



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2 thoughts on “Book Preview: Mama Never Told Me…..

  1. Two memories stand out for me..there was a particular person who kept telling me how huge I was ‘wow you are huge’ and I saw them quite frequently. One day I lost it and I can’t remember exactly what I said but the comments stopped lol…when you really are huge and you start wondering if you will ever look and feel like yourself again the last thing you want is someone constantly pointing it out to you.

    The other memory was a man in the supermarket telling me (at about 8 months) how sexy I was and trying to give me his number..totally freaked me out…

    • Funny looking back,but I’m sure not at the time right? I know what it is about strange men drawn to pregnant women. Thanks for sharing!

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