Oscar 2012 Overview: When and Where To Watch and Making Your Own Ballot


It”s Oscar night! Will you be watching?  Are you going to a viewing party or will you be like me at home trying to sneak in a peek at the red carpet coverage in between Sunday with the family.

My how times have changed, working  as a reporter in LA for years, I”ve covered my share of Academy Award previews, red carpet arrivals, and parties although I”ve never been inside the actual awards ceremony.  My funniest memory was the year I went to the Paramount Pictures party the year Titanic won.  I was few years out of college my boss gave me his tickets and my best friend and I went to a fabulous black-tie party in Beverly Hills.  Problem was it was valet parking, celebrities pulling up in limos, photographers everywhere, a see and be seen vibe and both of us had beat up cars-mine a Nissan Sentra with the bumper falling off so we parked a few blocks away and walked in instead.

Moral to the story-Things aren”t always as they appear in Hollywood.  🙂  So whether you”re going to a party or just enjoying from home here”s the schedule.

The 84th Annual Academy Award itself start at 5:30pm PT/8:30 ET, but you know the best part is all the red carpet arrivals and all the pre-show which go on all day from ABC to E! to TV Guide Channel.  Here”s a from Washintontimes.com

If your want to see all the nominees and categories here”s a great link from Oscar.com to Make Your Own Ballot.


What are your favorite picks?


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