2012 Horoscopes: What’s Your Sign?


I’m a total Libra!  What does that mean?  That I love beauty, balance and I’m totally indecisive! 🙂

I haven’t read my horoscope in ages, but I’ve always been intrigued by Astrology.  Most of the time it’s just fun entertainment in whatever newspaper or magazine I am reading, but there are some that really give you some great insight and observations.

I read my 2012 Libra horoscope on Lifetime Moms and OMG!  It really was right on, not because it had great things in it, but it was talking about things I was already doing or thinking about.  Anyways, that may not be the case for you, but it’s still fun to check it out.  What’s your sign? What does your year hold?

Here’s a link 2012 Horoscopes.  Enjoy.   I would love to hear what you discover!

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