Zen Photos: How To Jump For Joy and Tips To Get The Best Shot!


On New Years Day I posted my family holiday photo of us jumping in Maui!   Many of you have been asking “How did you do that?”  Well, I have to say to get all four of us jumping it was with the help of a professional photographer.  But you can do it too!

 My husband and I started the tradition on our honeymoon.  We were taking pictures of each other jumping on the beach.  I’m not sure why it all came about, but we thought it was cool, especially if you take it at just the right moment it looks like you are floating in mid air.    From that day on we have been jumping around the world.  Whenever we travel and have a breathtaking moment or location we want to remember we take a jumping photo which I now like to call my Zen Photos.

The Coast of South Africa

The Coliseum in Rome

We usually only have photos of each other, but occasionally if a stranger has the patience we ask for their help and get one of us as a couple, but to get our whole family this past September was a big deal.  It may seem pretty simple.  Just jump and take the photo, but if you don’t time it right or jump right  you end up with photos that look like these.

In front of the Louvre in Paris

Or you may end up with sore feet and a little embarrassed as you jump for the 50th time in front of a crowded tourist spot with thousands of your closest friends.

Here’s my son’s first zen photo (I took this last year when we took him to Disneyland for the first time)!   It’s not quite right, but it’s as close as we could get.


So here are a few tips to get just the right shot.

Jump For Joy!-Photo Tips

1. If you don’t have a camera with a fast shutter speed, you can also press the camera down half way to focus before the person jumps and hold it.  As soon as they jump press it all the way down to capture the shot.

2. If you are jumping in front of a landmark you want to capture, frame the photo so the person has enough jumping room in front of them so they don’t jump out of the shot and make sure they don’t block the image in the background either.

3. A secret to jumping which took me about 10 different jumping adventures to finally get it right was make sure you kick up your heels when you jump.    It doesn’t really matter how high you jump.  It’s more important that you heels behind you are above you knees to give the illusion of height.

4. Make sure if you are jumping off of something don’t get it in the shot or crop it out later so it looks like you are floating.

5.  Don’t worry about being embarrassed.  Just go for it! After all it’s your zen photo.

I did not photoshop any of these photos they are all just taken with my basic digital camera.  Happy Zen Photos! 🙂

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