Your Best of 2011 List and Reflection Questions


I love this time of year!  The holiday rush is over and it’s a time to regroup and reflect before the new year.  As 2011 comes to an end there’s always the best of lists that follow!  So instead of just reading others lists I thought it was the perfect time to make your best of list.  What were the highlights of your year?   Only a few days left before the new year, what do you want to remember?  Make a list or maybe even a collage of photo highlights or inspiration board so that it can serve as a joyful reminder and inspiration for 2012.

Here are a list of questions that may help you get started:

-What are you thankful for this year?  

-What brought you joy/made you laugh?  

-What milestones did you celebrate? What did they mean to you? 

-What energized you?

-What are you most proud of?  

-Did you have an zenspirational (when you discover something about yourself or your life) moment this year? What was it?  

-What was the best/most interesting thing you ate this year? 

-What would you like to do more of next year?  What is your intention for 2012? 

Here are my reflections:

I am thankful me and my family are healthy. Watching my kids giggle and dance with each other instead of beating each other up for a change brings me joy. Some milestones I celebrated this year were: I stopped breastfeeding-yea! I got my breasts back, my daughter took her first steps, I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with a wedding reunion in Maui-this time with my 2 kids. (wow we’ve been through a lot together in 5 years.) I went to my 20 year high school reunion-great to reconnect with the past, but man I’m old! Hiking the San Andreas Fault and spending quality time with my best girlfriends energized me.  I’m proud that I relaunched The Zen Mom and committed to blogging and growing my media company to help keep women inspired and empowered. I discovered that I always push myself too hard, that it’s okay not to do everything by yourself and that asking for help is not failure-I’m still working on it.  I ate something called meat fruit at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London and another thing called sea pineapple which is not a fruit. 🙂  In 2012, I want to feel more vibrant (mentally and physically), appreciative and peaceful.

Happy Reflection!  I’d love to hear your answers.



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