Glimmer and Lashes: Dare To Try Holiday Make-up


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Looking to glam up your makeup look for the holidays?  How about a little glimmer and lashes to freshen up your everyday look!

Metallic shadow is always fun to brighten up your eyes for a holiday party.  Choose a gold or a bronze shadow and then pick a coordinating lip gloss.  As for lashes you can go for more natural or superglam! (Ardell is an inexpensive classic-with all different lengths and styles.)

Here are some tips and tricks I learned from my make-up artists through the years.


GLIMMER (Metallic Shadow-Gold or Bronze)

1.  Start with a eyeshadow primer or just some concealer to make the shadow stay on longer and the metallic color pop!

2. Then cover entire lid and crease with the gold/bronze shadow, but then blend in a darker neutral brown shade on lower lid and contour, the gold will just accent.  Also add light highlighter by the browbone.  Blend, blend, blend and then add a little more gold shadow.

3.  Use a thin eyebrow/eyeliner brush and apply gold/bronze shadow in the inner corners or a thin line underneath the eye below your eyeliner for some gold highlights.

4.  Choose a lipgloss in same glimmer color.


I know falsies can seem difficult to put on, if you haven”t done it before, but dare to try!

1.  Trim the lashes to fit the shape of your eye– Not all eyes are the same, so feel free to cut the lash strip for a more natural look and easier application.

2.  Put eyeliner on first before the lashes.-Black liner on top and bottom of the eye.

3.  Wait 30 seconds after putting lash adhesive on the lash-letting it dry a bit makes them stick to your eye easier.

4.  Use thin tweezers to apply the lashes to the inner corner first, as close to lash line as possible and then continue to outer corner.

5.  Let dry.  Try not to blink too much.  Then apply a thin coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the falsies. (Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline is my favorite.  I wear it everyday. You can even curl your lashes if you want, but with falsies you don”t really need too.)

I”d love to hear about your holiday look.  What else would you want to dare to try?

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