5 Turkey Cooking Tips To Keep You Zen On Thanksgiving.


Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Does making the turkey have you stressed out?

I love to cook-Italian, Chinese-of course, Thai, Mexican, Indian, you name it, but turkey never.  Can you believe I’ve never made a Thanksgiving turkey on my own?

I guess I was just always nervous about tackling a big bird.   Growing up we always had Chinese food or went over to my uncle’s for traditional Thanksgiving fare and ever since I got married, my husband has been in charge of the turkey. He has his family traditions for turkey and all the fixings so I just let him take chef duties on Thanksgiving every year.

That’s why I was excited to interview Chef Jeff Stanko and get 5 Tips For a Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey for Patch.com -AOL’s hyper-local news site.  With these 5 simple tips I’m not so intimidated anymore.

Here’s a look at the video.

Top Turkey Tips

1.  Get a good quality turkey.

2.  Soak in brine for flavor and tenderness.

3.  Season and use proper roasting technique.

4. Check proper internal temperature.

5. Carve Properly

Happy Cooking! On Wednesday I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at the shoot and  I’ll share his proper turkey carving techniques just in time for your feast!

Do you have any tips to stay zen on Thanksgiving?

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