Zenspiration: World Diabetes Day-November 14th


Today’s Zenspiration is in honor of World Diabetes Day    Diabetes affects more than 220 million people worldwide.  The International Diabetes Federation predicts that at least one in 10 adults could have diabetes by 2030.

“At first glance, D.I.A.B.E.T.E.S. is Difficult, Intense, Anxious, Bothersome, Everyday, Timely, Eerie, and Sugarfree. But as a whole, D.I.A.B.E.T.E.S. is Discovering Internal Abilities to Boldly Encounter The Earth with a Smile. Sometimes life can be hard (for everyone), but you can do anything you set your mind to even with diabetes. Nothing can stop you if you approach it with the right attitude!”

This was written by 19 year old Christine Burns, winner of the “Simple Inspirations” contest.  Bayer partnered with Nick Jonas, a diabetic since the age of 13 for the contest designed to inspire all diabetics by demonstrating that people with diabetes, both young and old can live full and engaged lives by effectively managing their condition.

Christine spent the day with Nick Jonas at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Los Angeles Walk to Cure Diabetes. Here’s  a look at the video in honor of World Diabetes Day that launched today.



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2 thoughts on “Zenspiration: World Diabetes Day-November 14th

  1. Thank you for posting this. Christine is my beautiful daughter. She was diagnosed at the age of 2, and I can tell you, it is difficult to find peace and balace in life with a 2 year old that needs multiple shots and finger pricks each day. But I can also honestly say that parenting Christine has been a tremendous gift. May you and your readers find joy- the “ability to boldly encounter the world with a smile” – in spite of the challenges we each face, in our own way.

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