Mom Incorporated: A Guide to Business and Baby


Before I had kids I based my business decisions on what was good for my career, now that I’m a mom, there’s a lot more to consider.  What is good for my kids? My family? Navigating the career waters while trying to juggle it all can be a bit overwhelming. But just because you’ve been busy raising your children doesn’t mean you can’t still follow your dreams.

Last week I met entrepreneurs Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliott Smith on their book tour for MOM, Incorporated-A Guide To Business and Baby at HeraHub in San Diego.  It’s always great to meet motivated, inspirational and successful women and listen to their stories.  These momprenuers share their individual stories and insight, but also highlight 88 other women sharing their anecdotes and advice on managing a family and building a business from home.

I look forward to reading their book, but wanted to share with you  a few highlights and their tips for success from the evening. My thoughts are in  ( ).

1.  “Accepting The Juggle”

They say it’s about juggling, not about balance.  Balance is this mythical bar that leaves you feeling discouraged.  You can’t give 100% to your kids and 100% to your business at the same moment.  They say you can have it all, but not all at the same time and knowing this frees you to accept what you can and can’t do.

(I find myself doing this on a daily basis trying to give my all to everything and it can be exhausting.  It’s important to put it into perspective and being present in what you are doing in that moment and give that your all.)

2.  “Use The Hell Yes! Test”

Learn to say “No.” and stop feeling guilty for not doing everything.  Stop overcommitting! If someone asks you to do something and it’s not a “Hell yes!”, in your book, say “No”.

(Feeling overextended is definitely not zen. It’s okay if you don’t do everything that is asked of you.  I look forward to giving  the Hell Yes Test a try. )

3. “Stop Apologizing For Trivial Things”

I’m sorry I didn’t return your e-mail.  I’m sorry I wasn’t here.  Every time you say “I’m sorry” you lose a little of yourself.  Learn to say it when you really mean it,  if you made a mistake and need to recognize it.

(I believe there is power in your words and it plays a important role in your subjective mind. Don’t give up your power.)

4. “Communicate With Your Family”

Set the right expectations before you start a business and make sure your family knows what “mom’s working on something” really means.

(This part really hit a cord with me.  I’ve always been very independent and have been able to achieve success in my life on my own.  If I wanted to stay up late or spend hours working on something that was my choice, but now I have a family, a husband and other responsibilities.  It was an important reminder for me to realize they are impacted by my “work” and they need to not only be included in my vision, but I need to communicate what I’m working on and working towards.)

5.  “It May Not Always Be Perfect, But It Is Possible”

(Anything is possible, but you do need recognize what works for your life and your family! )

Are you struggling with the juggle?  What has helped you? Do you have any advice?

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